Wedding Makeup Trial


During the makeup trial we will discuss the wedding makeup looks that are best suited for you. Many brides I've worked with will put together a Pinterest board (see left) of makeup they like. Together, we will figure out which features to play up, the best products for you and your skin tone,  and the makeup look that will best harmonize with your dress style. In addition, we will talk about makeup for bridesmaids and day of wedding logistics. The makeup trial is optional but highly encouraged.


Wedding Makeup


Whether you do a makeup trial or not, prior to your wedding we will have nailed down "the look" so you can sit back and relax on the big day. My job is to make you feel pampered, polished, and primed. Your makeup will be photo ready and tough enough to withstand weather and/or waterworks.

Bridal party makeup

Bridal Party Makeup

$95 per person

Surely your bridesmaids have been handling business, so now it's time to show them a little TLC. Wedding party makeup looks may be discussed during the trial makeup session or on the day of. Your bridesmaids will sparkle as they help you make your way down the aisle.


Special Occasion Makeup


Some events call for that extra touch of glitz and glamour. No matter the occasion, I can help you achieve your desired look. 




Please contact me to discuss pricing

I'm available for commercial, editorial and show bookings. Please get in touch to discuss details. I will work for trade, tears and portfolio.



Makeup Lessons

$250 - 3 hour class

My goal is to make makeup fun and easy for everyone I teach. Prior to the lesson we will determine your individual needs and I will tailor the lesson to cover your specific interests and techniques you would like to learn. Makeup lessons typically include makeup and tool tutorials, color theory, application methods, and tips on how to pair your makeup looks with clothing. Clients will get hands-on practice working with new tools and makeup. I will also provide product recommendations and a reference sheet of what we have covered during our session.